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Enclosed Vapor Combustor

Air Pollution Control Systems Custom Designed for Your Application

New regulations concerning the use of open and enclosed flares has driven the development of the TKS Enclosed Vapor Combustor. The design of the TKS Enclosed Vapor Combustor combines the simplicity of an enclosed flare with the proven performance of a thermal oxidizer. The TKS Enclosed Vapor Combustor utilizes proven technology to combust the hydrocarbon vapors in a controlled manner.

Air Pollution Control Systems Custom Designed for Your Application

A combustor device may be used to demolish hydrocarbon vapors as a safe, economic alternative to recovery.  When the recovery of vapors is not possible, combustors efficiently control vapors of ethanol or liquid hydrocarbons.


Designed to safely burn hydrocarbon vapor mixtures, vapor combustors may be constructed as open, with a visible, elevated flame, or enclosed, where the flame is enclosed in the insulated combustion chamber.

TKS uses an advantageous enclosed model, an Enclosed Combustor is the main component of the system. It completely contains the flame and increases the destruction efficiency. It is a self-supported, refractory lined vertical stack that uses natural draft to provide air. (A forced draft system “blower package” may be required for low process pressure conditions). Enclosed Vapor Combustors can be temperature controlled to achieve higher destruction efficiencies. Quench air dampers control the amount of air allowed into the combustor, and assist gas piping and controls add fuel if needed. The Enclosed Vapor Combustors can be skid mounted and prewired and piped to simplify and reduce installation time and cost.


Enclosed Vapor Combustors are used in many applications including; chemical, petrochemical, natural gas industries, tank vents, loading stations, amine treater off-gas, glycol dehydration vapors, TEG stills and many more.


Benefits of TKS:

Our cost-effective design is user-friendly while effectively controlling air pollution. We offer superior customer service and support and have a complete aftermarket sales department. TKS has the experience applying the Vapor Combustor on dozens of industrial processes just like yours.  Let our 20 plus years of air pollution control experience help you maintain regulatory compliance with optimum initial and long term operating solution for your facility.  Call us today for a confidential review of your application and requirements.

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