Rotor Concentrator Systems

Rotor Concentrator Systems

rotor wheel

Air Pollution Control Systems Custom Designed for Your Application

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TKS’s Rotor Concentrator System destroys harmful emissions by thermal oxidation, while regenerating thermal energy to decrease the overall service cost and energy use. Rotor Concentrators have been widely used to paint booths, printing, solvent recovery, circuit boards, semiconductor applications and various other uses throughout the world. The real advantage of rotor concentrator technology is the large energy savings compared to other technologies. TKS supplies turn-key Rotor Concentrator Systems for your application.

The rotary concentrator, a temperature swing adsorption device, continuously removes VOC’s from low concentration, high volume air streams by adsorbing the VOC’s onto a “wheel” containing hydrophobic zeolite adsorbent.  While the wheel turns, a small section of the zeolite is continuously releasing VOC’s through the heated low volume air stream, becoming a concentrated air stream directed to an oxidizer for treatment.  By concentrating the VOC’s from the high to low volume air stream, a considerable amount of energy is saved.

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