Catalytic Oxidizers

Catalytic Oxidizers

Air Pollution Control Systems Custom Designed for Your Application

Catalytic Oxidizers advance oxidation of VOC’s to CO2 and water, permitting oxidation to happen at lower temperatures for thermal oxidation. Operating temperature, residence time, mixing of combustion air with waste gas, and catalyst traits are all important factors for catalytic oxidation. TKS’s Catalytic Oxidizer gets rid of Hazardous Air Pollutants and Volatile Organic Compounds that are released from many industrial processes.


The VOC or HAP gas goes into the oxidizer’s metal heat exchanger through a fan where the dirty air gets heated during its travel to the combustion chamber. When the gas gets raised to the catalyst operating temperature, the hot gas travels through the catalyst where a heat releasing reaction occurs, changing the toxins to carbon dioxide, water vapor and heat. The clean, hot air gives off thermal energy that heats the incoming air. The heat exchanger process minimizes supporting fuel needs, therefore saving on cost.


Benefits of TKS:

Our cost-effective design is user-friendly while effectively controlling air pollution. We offer superior customer service and support and have a complete aftermarket sales department. TKS has the experience applying the Catalytic Recuperative Oxidizer on dozens of industrial processes just like yours.  Let our 20 plus years of air pollution control experience help you maintain regulatory compliance with optimum initial and long term operating solution for your facility.  Call us today for a confidential review of your application and requirements.

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