Acid Gas Scrubbers

Acid Gas Scrubbers

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In order to counteract inorganic acids, TKS’s Acid Gas Scrubber efficiently scrubs numerous acids, such as hydrogen bromide, sulfur dioxide, and hydrogen chloride. These potentially threatening compounds are discharged from sources such as storage tank vents, boilers, and numerous chemical processes.

How Does the Acid Gas Scrubber Work?

TKS directs the acid stream to the scrubber unit, where a circulation pump inserts high amounts of water into a section that stimulates vapor flow through the scrubber. From there, water saturates the hot vapor, soaking up part of the harmful acid. After the gases enter an absorption column, the recirculation mixture is introduced, and the remaining acid vapors are taken in by the solution. Finally exiting the column, a caustic is then added to neutralize the pH in the sump pump. This high temperature unit is entirely assembled in shop and tested before shipment.

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