Thermal Oxidizers

Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizer

Air Pollution Control Systems Custom Designed for Your Application

The TKS Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizer’s are often used when “High VOC Concentrations” exist in a given waste stream.

How Does the Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizer Work?

The Pollutants (HAP’s) and (VOC’s) are introduced into the burner chamber and enough residence time is provided to achieve the desired (DRE) destruction removal efficiency over 99.9% of the pollutants. Typically dilution air is added to supply the oxygen required for combustion or to keep the unit from running too hot during surges of high VOC concentrations. These types of systems are also referred to as Afterburners, Vapor Combustors and Enclosed flares

The TKS Thermal Oxidizer uses the (Three – T’s); Temperature, Residence Time, Turbulence and oxygen to achieve destruction of the (HAP’s) and (VOC’s) or thermal oxidation.


Benefits of TKS:

Our cost-effective design is user-friendly while effectively controlling air pollution. We offer superior customer service and support and have a complete aftermarket sales department. TKS has the experience applying the DFTO on dozens of industrial processes just like yours.  Let our 20 plus years of air pollution control experience help you maintain regulatory compliance with optimum initial and long term operating solution for your facility.  Call us today for a confidential review of your application and requirements.

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